Following Premier Ford’s announcement that Ottawa restaurants are able to open indoor dining, we would like to reinforce our decision to remain CLOSED for indoor dining. The province’s new system will monitor Covid 19 cases closely and move regions in and out of “restricted” and “modified” stages. This is very difficult for us to adjust to each time Ottawa’s status is switched. It means constant hiring and letting go of employees, significant fluctuation in our food orders, changing in our sanitation measures and flow through the restaurant, and unpredictable service for our customers.

We believe that we are able to keep everyone safest and provide our most consistent and high-quality service by continuing to keep our restaurant closed for indoor dining and focussing on take-out, freezer meals, and other extras (like our dressings and spice packs).

Until the Province/City is at a stable level and restaurants are able to consistently operate their indoor dining, we are very mindful about offering our patrons the safest environment we can! Thank you for your continued support!

The "soul" difference of the Juke Joint

Soul Food is a major part of southern cuisine and mostly based on African descendants who combined foods from their homelands, with New World foods and techniques.  It's an integral and very important part of history and of southern cooking.   Along with influences brought down from Canada by the Acadians, the combination of the styles have created the Cajun and Creole spice blends that we proudly use here at the Juke Joint.   


Our name "Soul Kitchen" describes the feeling that we want you to feel upon each visit.  Food that fuels and soothes the soul.  Our food is creative comfort food, made by our chefs who like to be referred to simply as "food lovers" and prepare each meal with passion, heart, and soul.  We hope that you enjoy your experience with us and can taste the difference soul makes!

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